This page is about places I've been to meet online people.  Some I have met in a place I used to chat when I first came online.  Hotchat Free  is where I met many wonderful people.
Developed many lifetime relationships.  Others I have met in various places on the internet.  Game rooms, cam sites, and some I just stumbled across.  Pictures are placed in the viewers, they hold 10 pictures each. Give the viewers time to load and enjoy your viewing. 
APRIL 8-14 ,2001, GREENVILLE, NH . I met from hotchat free, Major Pain/ Alan Bain & Hippiechick/ Eileen Wheeler.  I returned the following year for another visit which is also included in this viewer.  Amazing woman.  I'll always love you Eileen.

On 6-15-2001 I went to Atlanta, Ga. where I met members from Hotchatfree.  We ate breakfast at Shoneys, then spent the day at the park.    
On 6-16-2001 We went to
Jacksonville, Fla. to visit the famous D.A.V.E.  He will always be very special to me.  Don't let him fool you as he is compassionate but will always find humor in any situtation  in life.
On 10-24-01  Turbo, Wildhorse, and I went to Pa. to visit Karen a.k.a LadyinRed.  We met online in Earthcam.  Many nights of laughter and fun in "K's" room. Thanks for all the fun.
In October of 2001 Turbo, Wildhorse, and I went to NY to visit a man we met in Earthcam.  Tincup is one crazy person. Thank you Tin and Rita for having us in your home. We had a wonderful time.